Types Of Modern Faucets

Faucets are fixtures that we use every day to get hot or cold water. It is a plumbing fixture that is used to control water flow from a source. Shower, basin, bathtub, laundry tub and sink are some of the examples of fixtures that need faucets to make it possible for us to get hot and cold water simultaneously. Mixer, mixer tap, and spigot are some of the terms commonly used for faucets. Tap is a short name for faucets everybody use nowadays.

Technology has been playing a great role in making life easier for us. From plumbing to space traveling, every human activity is being refined with modern devices. Nowadays, we see various innovative forms of plumbing tools and fixtures that are way better than what we had a decade ago. The following are some of the latest types of faucets.

Elkay kitchen faucet

Elkay faucet takes its name from a well-known inventor Elkay who invented drinking fountain. Elkay was the first person who figured out how to filter lead from water and make it drinkable. He contributed a lot to the history of water. Elkay kitchen faucets are considered to be some of the best in the world. They are very handy when it comes to cooking and washing different objects in the kitchen.

Compression faucets

Compression faucets are very classy in appearance, however, inexpensive. They use two separate handles that control hot and cold water. These handles are tightened close in order to stop the flow of water. These types of taps are commonly found in old houses. Washers or o-rings are a couple of main construction parts in compression mixers.

Cartridge faucets

A cartridge faucet has one or two handles with multiple functionalities which allow users to manage the water flow in an interesting way. A stem cartridge under the faucet base move up and down or right and left in a single-handle cartridge faucet.

Ceramic disk faucet

Some of the distinguishing parts of a ceramic disk faucet are ceramic cylinder under the handle and a single lever over the body. Pressure balance cartridge functions as a mixing chamber which mixes hot and cold water. Ceramic disks control the flow of water. A side-to-side rotation of handle allows users to control the temperature.

Plumbing needs vary from home to home and region to region. Variety in faucets makes it easier for us to select the ideal type of faucet for our premises.

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